Q & A

Questions and Answers

We have included here some of the most commonly asked questions. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Q – Are your practitioners qualified to carry out the procedures?

A – Yes, all our practitioners are qualified medical professionals and are able to prescribe the products used in your procedure. Our practitioners have all been trained by a nationally recognised training provider.

Q – How long have Midlands Cosmetics been providing services?

A – Midlands Cosmetics was set up in early 2011. Since that time we have built up a client base of well over 250 clients, and we have clinics every week. You can be assured that our practitioners have a great deal of experience and have up to date skills.

Q – If I come for a consultation, can I have treatment straight afterwards?

A – We would always recommend that the client books a subsequent appointment after the initial consultation so they can go away and consider any options. However, we do recognise that many clients come with a very clear idea of aha they want and would like to proceed to treatment immediately after the consultation. This option can be discussed at the time.

Q – What happens at the initial consultation?

A – The initial consultation is free of charge and it allows the client and practitioner to discuss fully the clients needs and expectations, to see what options are available, and to agree a course of treatment. A full medical history is taken  and an assessment of the clients suitability for the proposed treatment is made. It is at the consultation stage that a full explanation of the proposed treatment is given, along with the possible side effects, and appropriate aftercare. Consent forms are also completed at this stage.

Q – What products do you use?

A – We often find that clients have been given little or no information on their previous treatments with other providers. We believe that this information is essential to the client and we are always happy to go into detail about the products used and we provide aftercare leaflets for the patients information. Generally, we use Azzalure as our first line botulinum toxin, the Juvederm range for fillers, Obagi Radiance for skin peels, and Dermal Roller for microneedling procedures. However, we are happy to use alternative brands where appropriate, or at the clients request. None of our procedures are permanent.

Q – I’ve had treatment with botox before with another provider and it didn’t work very well. Why is that?

A – there could be a  number of reasons. For example, incorrect dosing, poor technique, or the clients natural resistance to the product. Where natural resistance is a problem, it can usually be resolved by the use of al alternative brand.

Q – If I have botox treatment will I walk out the clinic with a completely frozen face?

A – Absolutely not! The toxin takes around  three days to begin to work and up to two weeks to take full effect. Therefore, the changes will subtle and your friends and work colleagues will not notice a dramatic change. There is no down-time after botox treatment.

Q – I have heard that treatment with fillers can be painful. Is that true?

A – Generally, fillers are more uncomfortable for the client than, say, botox. However, we always offer the option of applying numbing cream to the treatment area for about 30 minutes prior to treatment. This is included in the cost of the procedure. In addition, the Juvederm range is formulated with a local anaesthetic and this provides extra numbness as more filler is placed.

Q – What aftercare do you provide, and is there a charge?

A – We usually make contact with the client after  two weeks, but our practitioners are available at all times to answer any further questions or concerns. If the client wishes to have a face to face follow up, it can be arranged, and there is no additional charge for the appointment. There may be an additional charge if further product is required.

Q – Do you do home visits?

A – No. We believe that a clinic environment is the only appropriate place to carry out our treatments.

Q – Do you take before and after photographs?

A – Yes we do as it is essential that a good comparison is made. All client information, including photographs, are kept securely and only used by Midlands Cosmetics. We may occasionally ask if we can use photos for promotional reasons, but we would always ask the clients permission first. We are registered as data holders with the Information Commissioner’s Office under the Data Protection Act.

Q – Are you insured?

A – Yes, you can rest assured that we have full professional indemnity and public liability insurance.