My Skin Transformation: Before & After Obagi Nuderm

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My Skin Transformation: Before & After


Obagi Skin Transformation Dramatic

It’s about to get real up in here.

I’ve debated showing these pictures…because honestly…they are so very veryembarrassing.

But, then I remembered that y’all are women just like me. Women who appreciate honesty and transparency, right?

I’m praying that this will help one of you out there who has been dealing with some of the same skin issues I faced.

Obagi Skin Care System - My Obagi Story

After I became pregnant with my first child I started developing spots on my face. Brown spots to be exact.

They almost looked like sun spots…except it was not summer.


After seeking advice from a dermatologist I learned that I had melasma. I also learned that it was very common in pregnant women. <sigh>

The doctor told me there was pretty much nothing I could use on my skin to make it disappear UNTIL I was no longer pregnant or breastfeeding. I was completely bummed, but hopeful after he told me that as soon as I was done breastfeeding I could start on a skin care system called Obagi.

<que angels singing>

Let me just show you what we were working with here and you will see why I was desperate for products that would work. No judging…as I point my school teacher finger at you.

Obagi Skin Care System - Before Pics

Those pictures make me want to cry. EEEEK!

When I first started Obagi my primary concern was the melasma. I wanted the brown spots to disappear, but I also had sun spots and scars from when I picked as a teenager. I was hopeful that using the Obagi products would clear it ALL up.

I can remember how self-conscious I was to go ANYWHERE without full coverage makeup. I didn’t even want to wash my face at night in fear that my husband might think I just spilled coffee all over my face. It was bad.

Obagi Skin Care System

Obagi is a complete skin transformation so I knew it was something where I wasn’t going to see results overnight.

At times that got discouraging because I wanted it gone and I wanted it gone NOW. But I kept at it. I kept using it day-in-and-day-out. Every morning and every evening.

I documented the first few weeks because I wanted to see the progress. I NEEDED to see the progress.

Obagi Skin Care System - The First Few Weeks

I promise you that last shot is not photoshopped. It’s real. And it’s what my skin looks like AFTER Obagi. I also realize I look like a white girl, but I’m telling ya…the sun is not my friend. LOL! I try my best to wear 50 SPF on my face at all times. If I want a tan…I use a lotion tanner.

The system takes months to completely work, but I love how you can see such a huge difference even just in the first few weeks.

That “NOW” image is from a few months ago. My skin looks even better today.

I continued to use Obagi on-and-off for the next few years after Parker was born. I had to stop each time I was pregnant or breastfeeding, but I was pretty religious about getting back on it once I was not.

I had the amazing opportunity to meet the Obagi team when I attended Blissdom last year. If you’ve ever been to a blogging conference then you know it’s common for brands to email you prior to the event. I mean this when I say it…I don’t normally respond to brands unless I LOVE them. And I jumped on the opportunity to respond to Obagi.

They ended up inviting me to a breakfast they were having and I loved meeting and talking with other women who were passionate about pretty skin!

Obagi Skin Care System - Breakfast

Somehow I overcame the fear of what people would think of me and I shared my before photo at the table at breakfast. <gasp>

I wanted people to see how much Obagi has helped me.

Luckily, everyone was too amazed by my results to comment on how terrible my before pics were. Phew.

I’ve stayed in touch with Bre, the Obagi rep that I met in Dallas at Blissdom and she has been asking me for months if she could do a “patient feature” on me on their website. I kept putting it off.

It’s one thing to show your before pictures to 13 women at a breakfast table…BUT it’s another thing to put it on the internet for all to see.

The reason I ended up saying  yes is because I know a ton of you are mothers and a ton of you have dealt with melasma just like me. I wanted to show you real results and how much it has helped my skin.

Obagi Skin Care System Before and After

I encourage you, if you have discoloration, melasma, sun spots, age spots, scarring…this skincare system CAN help you.

Looking back at my before pictures…it truly is amazing to see how much Obagi has done for me.

If you want more information on Obagi you can visit their website. Some of the steps in the system require you to have a RX so you will need to contact a dermatologist to prescribe the system for you. I swear it will be worth it.

What about you, did you experience any type of skin issues during pregnancy?


  1. Shay Shull says

    Girl! I use Obagi products too! They are AMAZING! I love your photos. They’re raw, they’re real, they’re the perfect example of truth in blogging. You look fantastic!

      • ashley dellinger says

        I have to say….your before picture is not bad at all, I actually really love it! At the end of the day though its how you feel about yourself that matters but I would see you & just think you had some really awesome freckles & as a photographer Id try & talk you into a photoshoot becuase black and white photos with freckles rock! But Im glad you feel better about yourself now…but I do want you and others to know, you looked fine so people shouldnt be embarassed…its just our own thoughts & most people would never notice or think anything of the things we worry about. I found your blog because I want to use Obagi to get rid of some wrinkles & just liven up my skin, I want to look good without makeup. Im 28 so thought I should start making my skin rock while im still younger. But anyways best wishes!

  2. Nicole says

    That’s AMAZING! I didn’t get spots but I went from having the worlds best skin to having the crater face from hell during and after I had my daughter Eisley. If you know anything that can help with that I’d love to hear about that! 😉

    Nic at Haus of Harnois

    • Mandy says

      OH, I totally know what you mean. The under the skin ones too. UGH! Happened to me. I used Retin-A to help keep my skin clear. I also took an antibiotic for awhile. It helped a ton!

  3. Holly Tompkins says

    Obagi has worked so well for you! That is amazing you would never even guess that you had skin issues from your after pictures, I’m sure you must be so relieved. I broke out like crazy when I was pregnant and….wait for it…..a lot of my hair fell out. So I’m right there with you on the embarrassing side of pregnancy.

  4. molly says

    Wow, Mandy! Those are some amazing results! I have major skin problems due to cystic acne but I’m pregnant and then I’ll be breastfeeding. But I’ll keep this in my back pocket for later 🙂
    molly´s last blog post ..I will follow

    • Mandy says

      Definitely try it once you are no longer breastfeeding! It truly is amazing! And I always say, the only reason I would be ok with bad skin is if I’m growing a human in my belly. Ha!

  5. rea says

    i just love products that works like that! look at you now?
    may i ask what is the specific product(s) that you use to make this phenomenal transformation happen?

    i did not break out on my pregnancy or anything like that but i notice that i have some dark spots on my face…not too visible though, i just want to target it as early as possible…

    thanks for sharing this post mandy!
    rea´s last blog post ..I am Featured!

  6. Lindsey says

    I never had spots during/after a pregnancy until this last pregnancy with Tyler. Now they are starting to show on my nose. I’m still nursing, so I can’t use the products right now, but am definitely bookmarking this for when I wean him if they don’t disappear on their own. Does it also help with acne and wrinkles?
    Lindsey´s last blog post ..Easy Slow Cooker Pot Roast and Gravy.

  7. Andrea Worley says

    I’m excited that you posted this, I’ve gotten some melasma since having my second baby. and i’ve been researching all sorts of things to help with it. I’m still breast feeding but I can’t wait to read more about this and check it out for when I’m done. Thanks you for posting about this.
    Andrea Worley´s last blog post ..5 Questions: Maggie from Gussy Sews

    • Mandy says

      How lucky that you have a cousin that is a dermatologist! Ha! Free skin advice for life. Jealous! I’m wanting to do the Fraxel treatment in the fall…we shall see! Thanks for the compliments Erin! See you soon!

  8. Niña B. says

    Hi Mandy,

    I could relate to your past experience with melasma. It’s embarrassing indeed. I could hardly go to work or go shopping or go anywhere outside the house. I am glad you shared this products to all the moms out there.
    Wow! I am so amazed by the transformation.

    Thank you again.

    Niña B.´s last blog post ..DirtyLicious thing

  9. Ali says

    Do you put it all over your face or just spots? I have melasma, but I’m scared it will turn the rest of my skin lighter? You look amazing!

  10. Laura says

    I have several dark spots after two pregnancies and I have been dying for them to disappear. I’ve put off going to a dermatologist and tried some over the counter remedies, but no luck. I think it’s time to go! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Ralinn says

    Your timing is perfect. I have an appointment next month to,see my dermatologist for melasma. I’ve been wondering if there was anything out there. There are products that claim to work but how does a girl know who to trust.
    Which of the products did you use and do I have to purchase them from the dermatologist?
    Your photos look amazing. I can’t wait to have even skin again.

  12. Andrea says

    I have been told that my melasma is due to extra estrogen from birth control pills (my son was born 6 years ago and I still deal with the dark spots on my face). I am debating if I should stop the pills and switch to Mirena–pills work well with the exception of melasma. If I may ask, are you seeing these results from Obagi while still on the pill?

  13. Christyna says

    I am going to look into that. Just let me tell you my face looks identical to yours, I use bare minerals to cover it up. Lets see, I was pg, and the doctor told me the same thing. it was from the pregnancy and after I get back to normal it will go away. So here I am with melasma and my daughter turns 11 Sept. 30. I’ve not been pg for 11 years and I still have it. Go figure….I had given up hope. Its worth a try.

  14. Michelinne says

    Hi Mandy! Your skin looks great! Have you ever used the Clenziderm? I have chronic adult acne and need help. Not sure if I should give it a try or go the retin-a route…

  15. Rachel says

    I am so happy to find your blog post about this. I’ve been dealing with melasma since I was pregnant. Am hoping to wean my little girl soon since ahes already a year and a half, so I will look into Obagi products a little more. Did you use all of them?

  16. Marie says

    I just discovered your blog and specifically this post about melasma. I’ve had melasma for years before kids and even more so after. I actually have the Obagi system at home but am scared to use it because of how potentially irritating it will be to my face. I’ve been using tretinoin for the last couple of years so maybe it won’t be as bad since my skin is used to it. Anyway did you go through a peeling stage? Now that this was a couple of years ago what do you do now to maintain your beautiful skin?

    Thanks for any tips!

  17. Natalie says

    Hi there! I was wondering your experience during the treatment- could you leave the house? I’ve heard it makes skin peel a bit.

  18. Janet oropeza says

    I remember it was prescribed by my dermatologist long time ago. Didn’t know it was so good. I was not consistent though. I do not have melasma, but some age spots close to my eyes. I’m using a sunblock face age shield 110% Neutrogena and hydroquinone ups 4%, but would like to start Obagi,because your testimony. Thank you!

  19. SW says

    I started the treatment nearly three weeks ago. So glad I did. I’m 37, never been pregnant but went through hormone therapy when trying to conceive years ago. I lost my self confidence. I felt so vain but I had to do something. So far I am pleased with the early results but am experiencing the “transforming” tretinoin combo therapy causes (snake!). Anyway, thank you for sharing. I’m comforted by your post.

  20. Laura says

    I have melasma even though my youngest is 9! I am going to my Dr. as soon as I can get an appointment to try this. thank you! I have severe spots like you did, so glad there’s something that can help! I also tried the hydroquione (sp?) cream, it didn’t seem to work.

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